Do This Simple Things If You Really Love This Earth

By Steve Kandio → Wednesday, April 22, 2015
What have you done to our beloved earth?
LifeStyle - What have you done to our beloved earth?

There's a strong reasons of Senator Gaylord Nelson who coined Earth Day. It is true that Earth Day is expected to join forces to raise awareness of the environmental movement and to always keep the environment.

There's a many ways you can do to be a real action to our Earth. You don't have to do great things anyway, just do the little things of daily life, that's all. Well, what the hell can you do to keep this Earth?

1. Stop Buy Bottled Water

Stop Buy Bottled Water

When thirsty, the most instant way to solve it is to buy bottled water. But, can you try to challenge yourselves to fasting from water bottle? Use a water bottle that you bring your own or thumbler and can be used repeatedly.

This will help reduce waste of bottled water bottles that every day more and more in number. You can also put the glass on the office desk to replace glass packaging.

2. Wear Natural Make Up Products

Wearing natural makeup products means you also have participated keep your environment from a variety of hazardous wastes. Natural cosmetic products do not contain harmful chemicals so that even if the product is removed, there will be no polluted environment accordingly.

3. Get Your Foot Works!

Do not be spoiled by always wearing a means of transportation such as taxi or motorcycle if it turns out you go the distance trips can still be reached by foot. Because in addition to helping reduce environmental pollution, you also get a lot of benefits that strengthen the leg muscles and burn calories.

4. Plant

Add plant in a small pot and place it on the desk or office cubicle. Because according to a study has proved, that the amount of dust in the working space can be reduced by up to 20 percent if putting green plants in pots.

Selection of green plants compared with flowering plants. Because leaf surface will produce more oxygen and help decipher the poison or toxins from the air.

5. Save Trash

The point is do not throw any rubbish! If it had, store garbage in your bag if there is no trash. Budayakan shame when you throw litter. By disposing of waste in place and according to the type of waste you have to help keep the Earth healthy.

6. Use Gadgets

Move on from paper yes. Moreover, there have been improvements that technology will greatly assist you in working. Take advantage of advances in technology gadgets to replace the paper. As more and more your paper means more trees to be felled is not it?

7. Wallpaper From Magazine

Have a stack of magazines that do not mention you read? Rather than wasting, magazines can you use to make a room or space wallpaper unique work you know. Use your imagination to the room looks different from your magazine collection.

8. Turn off the Lights When Sleeping

Yes, turning off lights and other electrical appliances when you sleep will have a major impact on the age of the Earth. In addition you can also get the benefit when sleeping in the dark, as said by biologists Joan Robert said the new body can produce the hormone melatonin when there is no light. This hormone is one of the immune hormone is able to fight and prevent various diseases including breast cancer and prostate cancer.

So, do not just remain silent to help the preservation of our beloved earth. Perform real action now yes!

Happy Earth Day!

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