Morgan Freeman Support Marijuana Legalization

By Steve Kandio → Wednesday, May 13, 2015
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Entertainment - In some countries, the legalization of marijuana has always disputed. But unlike in the United States.

In some states like Washington and Colorado, the use of marijuana has been legalized with the purpose of health and reducing smuggling and harm. One of the actors who support the program is Morgan Freeman.

According to the actor Shawshank Redemption, cannabis has many functions. One of them for treatment, as he experienced.

"They used to say, 'You smoke that stuff, boy, you get hooked!' My first wife got me into it many years ago. How do I take it? However it comes! I'll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it! " he told The Daily Beast.

This movement has long been underway and a long debate. However, the use of cannabis is more useful than the alcohol from a health standpoint. If the patient is given a dose of alcohol, he could instantly at ease. But two-three doses, patients can not rule out the possibility of overdose and die. Thus, Morgan wanted legalizing marijuana laws enacted in many countries.

"I have fibromyalgia (a collection of symptoms sore or whole / partial body aches or sensitive when touched will be pain) pain in this arm and the only thing that offers any relief is marijuana. They're talking about kids who have grand mal seizures and they 've discovered that marijuana EASES that down to Nowhere Reviews These children can have a life. That right there, to me, says,' Legalize it across the board! '"Morgan tells condition.

Morgan Freeman Support Marijuana Legaliization
Morgan Freeman argued that marijuana does not always make people worse. Committee Woodstock music festival in 1969, said that the audience can smoke marijuana and nobody disputed. 30 years later, the committee banned the use of marijuana, so the riot ensued, and not a few people were arrested.

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