Hot News: Indonesian Female Celeb Involved In Prostitution

By Steve Kandio → Thursday, May 14, 2015
Indonesian Hot Model Prostitution
Entertainment - The Criminal Investigation Unit South Jakarta Police have not stated prostitutes on board who was arrested along with her pimp, Robby Abbas, 32, was Amel Alvi, models of men's entertainment magazine. Police have not disclose the identity of AA, 22 years old, because it is still designated as a witness.

"Related to the profession, whom, and so on, because it (AA) is a witness, we can not release it. It involves filing," said South Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Rev. Adiningrat, in his office, South Jakarta Police, Saturday, 9 May 2015.

Despite AA (Inisial) who was arrested along with Abbas Friday night had not been confirmed as Amel, crowded netizens discuss the arrest woman suspected of Amel's call.

A number of netizens in forums and calls her Twitter timeline Amel, a model who had appeared in the magazine FHM and Popular and now often a gig as a disc jockey. Amel is not the first time it warmed in cyber chat forums.

Through his Twitter account, @ amelalvi28, Amel argue that women are the initials AA South Jakarta Police arrested it was him. According to Amel, many artists are the initials AA and not him alone. "Everything, initials AA was not me. Maybe other artists. There's so many initials AA, I'm fine," Amel said.

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