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Meryl Streep - The Hulk Actor - ViralHotNews
Entertainment - Several Marvel superhero films have been produced sequel. But fans wondered why The Incredible Hulk has not made a sequel?

Some people claim that a solo Hulk movie broadcast rights are owned by Universal. However, others say that Marvel is not ready to develop the story.

In April, actor Mark Ruffalo Hulk Marvel never said do not have the right to broadcast a solo Hulk movie for now. "That's still Universal's property, so there's that issue. That's a big impediment to moving forward with that. Now I do not think that's insurmountable, by the way, but I do not know where it's going from here for me. "

Ace Showbiz reported by Forbes, Tuesday (06/23/2015), Marvel is owner of broadcast rights Hulk movie, but the studio did not acquire distribution rights. Universal was the one who holds these rights and if one day the right to release Universal, Disney will acquire the rights to distribute the film Hulk Universal.
The Hulk - ViralHotNews

Moreover, the reason Marvel Hulk is not also produce the production and marketing costs were allegedly very large. Because of The Incredible Hulk (2008) poured charged USD 150 million (Rp 1.9 trillion) and only generate profit of USD 263.4 million (USD 3.4 trillion) globally. Thus, Hulk Marvel decided to join the other superhero films, such as The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

"I think it's four now, but that could always go further. That could include different, I could show up in another character's movie, I could do Avengers 3 and 4, I could do a Hulk standalone, I could do a combination of Reviews those things. That's four or five, I think, "said Mark that may appear in Avengers: Infinity War Part I and Avengers: Infinity War Part II.

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Marvel Explain Why Hulk Solo Movie Has Never Been Tilled

By Steve Kandio → Tuesday, June 23, 2015
John Nash - A Beatiful Mind - Died
The Death of John Nash affects Russel Crowe and the crew of 'A Beautiful Mind'. John Forbes Nash Jr., died in a car accident on Saturday (23/05/2015).

Ace Showbiz reported on Monday (5/25/2015), John Nash Jr. is a mathematician and Nobel Memorial Prize winner (in Economic Sciences in 1994 with John Harsanyi and Reinhard Selten), whose life story was the inspiration the film A Beautiful Mind. John (86) and his wife, Alicia (82), had an accident while in a taxi on the way from the airport to the New Jersey Tunpike. Accidents happen because the driver was unable to control the pace of the car, so the car hit the fence hard. Known from the local police, Josh and Alicia was wearing a seat belt. So both bodies easily hit the side of the car.

Both are known to have died on the spot. While the taxi drivers were rescued and rushed to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

John and his wife had just arrived from Norway. There, he received the Abel Prize for his services in the field of mathematics. They work closely with Louis Nirenberg in nonlinear partial differential equations.
"Stunned ... my heart goes out to John & Alicia & family. An amazing partnership. Beautiful minds, beautiful hearts, "wrote Russell Crowe - actor John Nash - the social media accounts.

"John's remarkable achievements inspired generations of mathematicians, economists and scientists who were influenced by his brilliant, groundbreaking work in game theory," said Christopher Eisgruber, Princeton University President.

John Forbes Nash and His Wife

Rest in peace, John and Alicia.

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John Nash, The Man Behind "A Beautiful Mind" Died

By Steve Kandio → Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Eddie Vedder and Bill Murray Farewell to David Letterman
Entertainment - The Late Show with David Letterman have aired for 32 years. Soon, the talk show will end. In the last 2 weeks, this event has inviting many famous Hollywood actress.

Many musicians, actors, until the actress talked about memories with the host, David. They tell their current activities. Among the guest stars, there is Bill Murray, Eddie Vedder, and Jimmy Kimmel are giving farewell to David. In addition to these three men, many rows of public figures give a parting sentence and sweet memories with the host.


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, appearing in The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday (18/05/2015). Eddie's first show of this event in 1996. At that time, he brought the single Black, after David sang Pearl Jam.

That night, Eddie brought the single Better Man - Pearl Jam single from the album Vitalogy (1994) - in collaboration with the house band Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra. He was grateful for the opportunity given to him and Pearl Jam to perform in this event.


For the sake of parting with David, Bill Murray willing to jump on the giant cake and covered in icing sugar. Yikes!

Bill was on The Late Show on Tuesday (19/05/2015). Reporting from E! News, Wednesday (20/05/2015), Bill is the first guest David in The Late Night in 1982 on NBC. When David hosted The Late Show in 1993 at CBS, actor The Grand Budapest Hotel is also the first guest David. Furthermore, Bill often appeared on the friend.


Jimmy Kimmel has fond memories with David. Jimmy Kimmel Live! I still remember very well how the figure of David is able to realize his goal.

When Jimmy was a teenager, he often fill the night with the draw and see the show David. One day, he aspired to be an artist. Until the 16th anniversary, Jimmy's mother made him a cake of The Late Show.

"I watched the show every night and never missed it, and little did I know that many years, and many pounds later, that watching the show was a great education for me. I learned almost nothing in college. I really did not. But watching Late Night, not only did I learn how to do everything from Dave, the reason I have this show is Because The executives at ABC saw me when I was a guest on Dave's show and hired me to host this show. I want to thank Dave and his writers and his producers, "he said with teary.


The last event The Late Show with David Latterman will appear on tonight on CBS.

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Eddie Vedder and Bill Murray Farewell to David Letterman

By Steve Kandio → Thursday, May 21, 2015
Women Love Adult Sites
Lifestyle - Who says women do not like to watch porn? The fact is, there are many things that make women love to watching porn sites. According to the research by one of America's biggest porn site, there are certain things that are favored by women from porn sites.

As the results of that research, it showed that 38.7% of  the visitors who visit their sites are women. However, most of the women were looking and seeing things which aren't likely seen by men. What are some women who are often seen on a porn site? The survey showed that women are more likely to seek material associated with 'affair'. It was the first, while the second is the relationship a guy with a phenomenon like Gay or same-sex.

Well, actress and star of reality show, Kim Kardashian, was included in the top list which is the reason why women want to look at porn sites.

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This is What Women Sees While Entering Adult Sites

By Steve Kandio → Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Indonesian Hot Model Prostitution
Entertainment - The Criminal Investigation Unit South Jakarta Police have not stated prostitutes on board who was arrested along with her pimp, Robby Abbas, 32, was Amel Alvi, models of men's entertainment magazine. Police have not disclose the identity of AA, 22 years old, because it is still designated as a witness.

"Related to the profession, whom, and so on, because it (AA) is a witness, we can not release it. It involves filing," said South Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Rev. Adiningrat, in his office, South Jakarta Police, Saturday, 9 May 2015.

Despite AA (Inisial) who was arrested along with Abbas Friday night had not been confirmed as Amel, crowded netizens discuss the arrest woman suspected of Amel's call.

A number of netizens in forums and calls her Twitter timeline Amel, a model who had appeared in the magazine FHM and Popular and now often a gig as a disc jockey. Amel is not the first time it warmed in cyber chat forums.

Through his Twitter account, @ amelalvi28, Amel argue that women are the initials AA South Jakarta Police arrested it was him. According to Amel, many artists are the initials AA and not him alone. "Everything, initials AA was not me. Maybe other artists. There's so many initials AA, I'm fine," Amel said.

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Hot News: Indonesian Female Celeb Involved In Prostitution

By Steve Kandio → Thursday, May 14, 2015
Pic of Morgan Freeman
Entertainment - In some countries, the legalization of marijuana has always disputed. But unlike in the United States.

In some states like Washington and Colorado, the use of marijuana has been legalized with the purpose of health and reducing smuggling and harm. One of the actors who support the program is Morgan Freeman.

According to the actor Shawshank Redemption, cannabis has many functions. One of them for treatment, as he experienced.

"They used to say, 'You smoke that stuff, boy, you get hooked!' My first wife got me into it many years ago. How do I take it? However it comes! I'll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it! " he told The Daily Beast.

This movement has long been underway and a long debate. However, the use of cannabis is more useful than the alcohol from a health standpoint. If the patient is given a dose of alcohol, he could instantly at ease. But two-three doses, patients can not rule out the possibility of overdose and die. Thus, Morgan wanted legalizing marijuana laws enacted in many countries.

"I have fibromyalgia (a collection of symptoms sore or whole / partial body aches or sensitive when touched will be pain) pain in this arm and the only thing that offers any relief is marijuana. They're talking about kids who have grand mal seizures and they 've discovered that marijuana EASES that down to Nowhere Reviews These children can have a life. That right there, to me, says,' Legalize it across the board! '"Morgan tells condition.

Morgan Freeman Support Marijuana Legaliization
Morgan Freeman argued that marijuana does not always make people worse. Committee Woodstock music festival in 1969, said that the audience can smoke marijuana and nobody disputed. 30 years later, the committee banned the use of marijuana, so the riot ensued, and not a few people were arrested.

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Morgan Freeman Support Marijuana Legalization

By Steve Kandio → Wednesday, May 13, 2015
New Apple iOS 8.4 Features and Look
Technology - Apple has released the third beta version of the latest update IOS 8.4 for developers. As with previous updates, iOS 8.4 beta 3 brings some development internally and cleaning of annoying bugs. One thing that becomes the focus of Apple in iOS 8.4 will likely be struggling in the music player.

iOS 8.4 beta 3 brings a new look for the music player and mini player. There are also features personalized playlists, global search, Up Next like the one in iTunes player, and others. Apple describes the new music player as something more powerful and more elegant than ever. This new design will make it easier for users to interact with his music collection. You can also connect to compatible speakers with AirPlay without having to leave the Now Playing view.

iOS 8.4 beta 3 can already be tried by a registered Apple developers and to the public until now only available to beta 2.

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Apple iOs 8.5: New Features and Look!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 - Avengers Edition
Technology - Yeay, soon Samsung will release the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Avengers edition, according to reports from Korea, Samsung Avengers Edition will soon slide earlier this month.

The head of the marketing division of Samsung confirmed that the issue of Avengers is correct. Presence will attract a lot of attention of the prang especially for those fans of Marvel. FYI, Samsung and Marvel is already a partner since June last year. Samsung Galaxy S6 is also seen in the film show Avengers: Age of Ultron which recently aired in all countries. The movie itself is also very much in demand given the Avengers movie featuring famous superhero superhero-like Ironman, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and Captain America.

For the choices of color, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will have 7 color in accordance with superhero characters each. But there are other news mentions that the Ironman edition was the one who was chosen to be paired with the product. Well, the next smartphone will have two colors: red and gold like Ironman costume.

Galaxy S6 appearance Avengers is still limited ilutrasi wrote, but we hope that Samsung actually release this Avengers edition. Definitely will be sold until they run out!

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Samsung Presenting Galaxy S6 and S6: Avengers Edition

By Steve Kandio → Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Asus Cheap SmartWatch - Vivowatch
Technology - Last year, Asus unveiled a smart watches called Asus Zenwatch which is the first wearable device made by Asus, which is equipped with a curved screen and can be paired with all sorts of Android smartphones with OS 4.3 or higher. Asus Zenwatch has a 1.63 inch screen with 512 MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz processor.

Well, at the end of April 2015 ago, Asus has launched its latest smart watches the successor of the Asus Zenwatch called Vivowatch. Smartwatch is intentionally designed with a classic design and 1:28 inch black and white screen with a resolution of 128x128 pixels. Such as smart watches in general, smartwatch is equipped with monitoring equipment health of the wearer during activities throughout the day. Vivowatch operate using koodos operating system developed directly by Asus. The advantages of this smart watches that have a capacity of 123 mAh battery with a battery life of up to 10 days in a one-time charge only. So, you don't have to charge it everyday.

Asus SmartWatch - Vivowatch
Asus SmartWatch - Vivowatch
This Vivowatch smartwhatch will be sold in Taiwan on May 8, 2015 at a price of USD $ 149. Asus reportedly also will introduce this smartwatch worldwide.

Asus Vivowatch uses STMicroelectronics processor and also has some standard features are Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, heart rate monitors, micro USB 2.0, and already has a certificate IP67 which means complete and total protection against dust, direct contact, even the use of 1 meter under water.

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Asus Introduces Cheap SmartWatch: Vivowatch

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Rebel Wilson Avoid Diet Program
Entertainment - Having a body fat did not become an obstacle for Rebel Wilson. In fact, she can still carve academic achievement and starred in several films.

She was reluctant to lose weight to be thin. Because she was comfortable with her body shape at the moment.

"I do not think I could ever go skinny. I just do not think, physiologically, that is going to happen, "said Rebel.

Rebel implement a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and eating healthy foods. If she want to eat ice cream, she went to a special restaurant serving healthy food.

Rebel Wilson
However, Rebel not dismiss that large body is often the subject of ridicule. However, she ignored the taunts. Because fat body is not something negative or as a mockery.

"I do not just improvise jokes about my size. I do a whole range of gags and the director decides what goes in the edit. Male directors growing niche to put in more fat jokes, Because they think that's popular."

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Rebel Wilson Avoid Diet Program

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