Tom Cruise Fear Hanging On Aircraft While Filming In MI: Rogue Nation

By Steve Kandio → Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Tom Cruise While Filming In Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation
Entertainment - Agent Ethan Hunt comes again. This time, Ethan (Tom Cruise) appeared in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Although often starred in action films, for this time, Tom get scared!

In one scene, Tom must glide on and do a little stunt at the aircraft door. Then, why is he afraid of?

"I was scared s ** tless!" Tom told the audience at CinemaCon Las Vegas, Tuesday (04/21/2015) local time.

Tom asked hanging on the door of military aircraft Airbus A400 - the outside - 5,000 feet in the air. And the most horrific Suri's father is when the plane takes off and he had to hang from the door! It was an experience that never forgets to entertain movie addict.

"As always, I will do everything I can to entertain an audience and put as many people into your theaters. I'm an aerobatic pilot and I've always wanted to do that, "said Tom.

To maintain security during filming, before the production of the film crew had prepared carefully. They also do a test shoot and simulation using human replicas and RC airplane. They do it carefully and make sure that the replica is not falling. So it can be applied to humans.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie said that in the scene, Tom allowed to wear sunglasses to protect his eyes. But for the sake of totality, Tom refused. He instead uses a special contact lenses instead. Tom believes that the movie addict will be more closely related to the incident, if he does not use glasses. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation aired in July.

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