Oops, Queen Elizabeth Palace Guard Slips!

By Steve Kandio → Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Queen Elizabeth Palace Guard Slips - Funny Image and Video
Funny Story - Almost all tourists visiting the UK know that guard Buckingham Palace has a straight face and without expression. But thanks to this video, we see the expression.

When all the palace guards, they must go through a brief ceremony held tseremonii.Torzhestvennaya at 11:30 am, Thursday (05/09/2015), it is always watchable domestic and foreign tourists.

If there are three people who have changed the problem, there is one person who keep his foot slipped. So that makes it fall and head - wear a hat - natknulsya.Ohrannik, who slipped a smile on his behavior, then stop and return to duty. Flat face. Yes, maybe it's a little expression guard at Buckingham Palace.

Defense Ministry spokesman said the British ITV, that he would not comment on the young anti-slip. Despite all of this, many people pointing fingers work ethic of the palace guard.

See the video of this funny moment below:

Via: ViralHotNews
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