8 Stylish Items Which Actually Bad For Your Health

By Steve Kandio → Monday, April 13, 2015
8 Stylish Items Which Actually Bad For Your Health
Lifestyle - "They looked comfortable as to make you beautiful, but actually hurt.
stylish items."

For women who want to always look beautiful, maybe you do not mind when it comes to using painful heels, even if you need to use a backless shivering at night. Despite knowing the risks, nonetheless some items seemed to be on the hips. Remember ya ladies, occasionally feel uncomfortable for the sake of a more beautiful look stylish and still be acceptable, but if it's a habit, you shall know the first few stylish items that turned out bad for your health!

Too High Heels

Increasingly high heels are increasingly make sturdy posture makes you look sexy at the same time. But the danger behind it, not only you can fall and sprain, but also create opportunities permanent damage to the spine, calf muscles, until the damage to the knee and frequent cramps in the legs.

Flip Flops

Flip-flops certain models can be very memorable relaxed and stylish when used. But the thing is, you can not use it to run for a long time because of its shape does not support the arch of the foot, and do not have appropriate safeguards for the feet. In addition you can experience foot pain due to bone problems, this also allows you to experience chapped skin on the heel as a result of exposure to pollution, dirt, and friction on the road.

Pants Made of Synthetic

Sure, you will look more sensual and charming with synthetic materials. But the danger, urinary tract infections and other infections such as fungus has the potential to attack your health.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will give the impression of more height and make your legs look more toned. But the danger, it could hamper the air supply to the skin, especially to the important part in the calves, hips, waist, and also miss V. Moreover, the pressure in the joints can cause pain in your feet. In addition, digestion so bad and you will be more prone to vaginal discharge.

Tight Corset

Good corset to keep your back straight and upright, unlike the tight corset that makes it difficult breathing deeply so need to bend over to do so. In addition, tight corsets also disturb digestion, compresses the spinal cord and cause permanent back pain.

Tight Bra

Many women who do not know the exact size of his chest so wrong to wear a bra. This includes also uses tight bra just for the sake of a breast lift. In fact, you can use the push-up bra for this. Moreover tight bra impact on changes in body shape, resulting in back pain, neck and breast, as well as blisters which cause skin irritation.

The weight of the bag

Sure oversized bag or tote bag certainly stylish and convenient to use because it can carry all goods your need. But ye know not, carrying a heavy bag on one side only can hurt your back, neck, and shoulders.

Necklace and Earrings are Weight

Serves to prop up your neck while balancing a big head. Imagined it if you increase the severity of turbulence using heavy earrings and necklaces. It will add to the tension in the neck, as well as causing changes in posture and influence back. Other problems, heavy earrings could burden the ears, and if used too often, it can cause permanent stretch ear piercing holes that were becoming longer.

So ladies, think back to this issue and more a wise when choosing to use a fashion item. Because health definitely give you beauty, and beauty does not always make you healthy. Ladies Cheers!

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