5 Cool Pin Up Girl Hairdo

By Steve Kandio → Monday, April 20, 2015
5 Cool Pin Up Girl Hairdo
Women Lifestyle - Do not be afraid to be different. You can try the style of pin-up girl with the  vintage hairstyle!

Pin Up Girl Style, not just clothes and makeup, but also beauty. You'll often see photos of pin-up girl with hair that roll? If you want to try this style, you must use considerable effort to try this pin-up girl hair, especially for beginners. This time ViralHotNews know that you will give to model hair pin up girl style is often used, and so the typical style of pin-up herself. You are confident and brave could try hairstyles, such as the following:

1. Faux Bettie Bangs

Pin Up Hair Style - Faux Bettie Bangs
Hairstyle like this actually looks really pin ups, Girl. It's easy to make, you can simply take some parts of Area hair bangs, slightly bouffant with a small comb, then dicatok inward, then rolled to resemble the photo above. So the results are durable, do not forget to spray hairspray.

2. Rockabilly Rolls

Rockabilly hairstyle is much simpler than Faux Bettie Bangs. For those of you who are not too dared scene will remain sweet hairdo like this. Add polka-dot bandanna that you more like a pin-up girl.

3. Easy Pony

Pin Up Hair Style - Easy Pony
This hairdo is similar to the rockabilly hairstyle. But, other parts of your hair lifted upwards resembles a bun. This hairstyle is suitable also for the party.

4. Vintage Updo

Pin Up Hair Style - Vintage Updo
Still with the same bangs models, the rear vintage up-do is also on a roll, you know. You can clamp or hair curled inward with the help of a roll. To be durable, use hair mousse or hair spray!

5. Victory Rolls

Pin Up Hair Style - Victory Rolls
This hairstyle was popular in the 40s. You can apply for the party as well. The rear section of hair styles inspired by the style which resembles a beehive honeycomb. Amy Winehouse is one of the female figure who is often seen with a beehive hairdo.

Well, that's it. Cheer up, Girl!

Via: ViralHotNews
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